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Top 40 Time-Saving Google Hacks

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Just from the title and knowing the quality of what you generate - You should be charging for these! Hard to pick a them all.
psst... if we don't know each other (YET), I'M DARA SKLAR.
fun facts about yours truly...
I love to vacuum (just like Monica).
And I can spot a typo a mile away (just like an eagle, if eagles could read).

But I'm also ALWAYS looking for ways to be more efficient, and to show others how they can get their work done faster.

After years of hints from clients, I shifted my business to teaching entrepreneurs how to get the most out of the time spent sitting in front of their computers.

Every few minutes you invest in your future efficiency means exponential productivity.

"Future You" will thank "Today You" for investing time in their happiness!

I seriously can't wait to show YOU what I've got up my sleeve (literally and figuratively - keep your eye out)!
Dara Sklar
I wrangled all the tasks relating to
- recording,
- editing,
- transcribing and
- uploading over 60 videos in the last month
... All into one spreadsheet (no fancy with project management necessary)
... All to manage the tasks for my assister (aka my sister who is assisting me), and my video editor from Fiverr.

Personally, I love seeing REAL use-cases, not *just* polished videos.
Want to see mine?